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A Look Inside New York’s Most Luxurious Gyms and Fitness Centers

As we move into mid-January, many new year’s resolutions have already been forgotten. One commonly broken commitment is to use the gym more regularly. However, while the average person starts the year with the best intentions of maintaining their fitness regimes, the truth is most are already unmotivated by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around. One way to overcome the inevitable slump is to workout with a view. Below, we take a look at some of New York’s most luxurious fitness centers whose designs help residents keep fit throughout the year.


Projects include: American Copper, One Manhattan Square, Austin Nichols House, 30 Park Place, and XOCO 325.


XOCO 325



XOCO 325 is a project both designed, developed, constructed, and property managed by DDG. Located in SoHo, the scheme features a striking cast aluminum façade over a hanging glass wall. The building includes a sculptural concrete fitness studio, which features floor-to-ceiling glass windows, an abundance of natural light, and a view of the building’s garden. Conceived as a quiet private area, the view from the gym is somewhat unexpected for residents living in one of Manhattan’s most bustling neighborhoods.